1. I want to welcome you all to today’s twitter conference to end FGM/C #endcuttinggirls
  2. 11th October the world celebrated the International day of the girl child #endcuttinggirls
  3. Today we are hosting a Twitter Conference in commemoration of the International day of the girl child #endcuttinggirls
  4. The week, we will discuss “Protecting the Girl-Child from FGM/C – Role of Key Stakeholders” #endcuttinggirls
  5. This conference will last from 5pm – 7pm Nigerian time #endcuttinggirls
  6. I will answer your questions on this topic from 6:00pm. Thanks #endcuttinggirls
  7. Before we proceed, lets first define what FGM/C means for the sake of those joining for the first time #endcuttinggirls
  8. FGM/C stands for Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting. #endcuttinggirls
  9. FGM/C is the partial or total removal of the external female genitalia, or other injury to the female genital organs for nonmedical reasons. #endcuttinggirls
  10. There are four (4) types of female genital mutilation/cutting #endcuttinggirls
  11. Type 1: partial or total removal of the clitoris and/or the prepuce (clitoridectomy). #endcuttinggirls
  12. Type 2: partial or total removal of & clitoris and & labia minora, with or without excision of & labia majora (excision). #endcuttinggirls
  13. Type 3: narrowing of & vaginal orifice with creation of a covering seal by cutting and appositioning & labia minora and/or & labia majora, with or without excision of & clitoris (infibulation). #endcuttinggirls
  14. Type 4: unclassified – all other harmful procedures to the female genitalia for non-medical purposes, for example, pricking, piercing, incising, scraping and cauterization. #endcuttinggirls
  15. FGM/C violates & human rights of girls/women, and has immediate and long-term negative effects on their health & general wellbeing. #endcuttinggirls
  16. FGM/C is deeply rooted in tradition and persists as a social norm that is upheld by underlying gender structures and power relations. #endcuttinggirls
  17. For additional information on FGM/C, please visit our YouTube channel or website at #endcuttinggirls
  18. FGM is a traditional practice which is detrimental to girls health but it can additionally be the source of the denial of many other rights of the child #endcuttinggirls
  19. FGM is linked with early marriage which can be a sanctioned form of child sexual abuse. #endcuttinggirls
  • It is critical for stakeholders to develop FGM/C abandonment programs which are multifaceted as FGM/C is intertwined with both community social and cultural development. #endcuttinggirls
  1. FGM/C abandonment efforts should be integrated into a development program that is consistent with the needs and demands of the given community. #endcuttinggirls
  • States should ensure that laws safeguarding the welfare of children are implemented and child protection systems are functional at the community level. #endcuttinggirls
  • State and local level anti-FGM/C awareness messages and forums should be audience specific to make certain the vulnerable and target members of the community. #endcuttinggirls
  • The Governments should set standards to guide their programmes to improve girls’ access to fundamental human rights #endcuttinggirls
  • Stakeholders should make Changes in the harmful traditional system (e.g. the development of “gender units” to conduct research and analysis of gender issues).#endcuttinggirls
  • Stakeholders should take actions that affect the teaching-learning process (e.g. training of school personnel in gender issues; and revision of textbooks to eliminate gender bias) #endcuttinggirls
  • Parents has the primary obligation to protect their children from any form FGM/C #endcuttinggirls
  • Grandmothers/Grandfathers have the obligation to obey the Fundamental Human Rights , and not subject their granddaughters to undue life-pain. #endcuttinggirls
  • Mothers-In-laws/Fathers-In-Laws are to ensure that their grandchildren are in good health #endcuttinggirls
  • Community Leaders: Ensure that no one subject any girl or woman to any form of harmful traditional practice and any cases of abuse brought before them should be treated within delay #endcuttinggirls
  1. Traditional Leaders are to ensure that, the tradition do not promote harmful practices that affects the well being of the girl child. #endcuttinggirls
  • Religious Leaders the religious leaders have the obligation to enlighten their followers on the consequences of FGM/C. #endcuttinggirls
  • The lawmakers should ensure that, all the existing lacuna in law is being addressed to adequately cater for the rights of the girl-child. #endcuttinggirls
  • The Law enforcement Agents should ensure all that all the culprits of FGM/C-related offences are forced to face the full wrath of the law. #endcuttinggirls
  • Youth leaders at community level should mobilize fellow youths to report any incidence of FGM/C to community leaders for proper action. #endcuttinggirls
  • NGOs/CSOs should Speak out against the practice of FGM by Educating people at the grassroots and advocate for the enforcement of policies that protects the girl child from FGM/C. #endcuttinggirls
  • FGM/C survivors should speak out by sharing their personal experiences, to let the world know what the immediate and long term consequences of FGM/C #endcuttinggirls
  • In conclusion, Everyone is a stakeholder in this global response to end FGM/C. #endcuttinggirls
  1. The domestication of the VAPP Act should not be restricted to FCT alone. All the 36 States must work together towards the speedy domestication of the VAPP Act #endcuttinggirls
  2. Endeavour to visit , and follow us on twitter, facebook, instagram, youtube using @endcuttinggirls. #endcuttinggirls.


  1. Together we will end FGM/C in this generation #endcuttinggirls

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