Background Information on FGM/C

1.Last Week( 18th May,2017) my colleague (@ttonia_ anchored a topic which focused on SDG5,target 3. #endcuttinggirls @endcuttinggirls

2.Taking off from that point; the 17 SDGs Goals has 169 Targets and they are all interconnected and inter-woven, #endcuttinggirls

  1. And definitely can only be achieved by networking, partnering, collaborating and most importantly mainstreaming some into the existing programs. #endcuttinggirls

4.By Quick reminder: The Journey began from MDGs in the year 2000 and ended in the year 2015. #endcuttinggirls







5.By critically analysing the current SDGs, Goal 5.3 is key, if we truly intend to achieve the entire SDGs Goals. #endcuttinggirls




















7.Starting with the FGM/C – basic facts, situation in Nigeria, brief information on UNFPA-UNICEF Joint Program , #endcuttinggirls

8.Also the process of mainstreaming of FGM/C into some existing programs in Nigeria and the unimaginable benefits. #endcuttinggirls

9.Please don’t forget, peradventure you are not clear with any of my tweets. We shall be online together till 7:00pm. #endcuttinggirls



10.Description of FGM (FGM/C), What is FGM? #endcuttinggirls

11a.FGM is the “all procedures that involve the partial or total removal of external genitalia or other injury the female genital organs for non-medical reasons..” The World Health Organization (WHO) 1997. #endcuttinggirls

12.FGM is also known as “female Genital Cutting (FGC)”, “Female Circumcision”, or “Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting (FGM/C)” #endcuttinggirls

13a.Various terms emerged in an attempt to balance varying views and opinions on the practice 13b.and to appeal to all stakeholders in the elimination of the practice


14.Why has it been difficult to stop FGM/C?


15a.Who is at Risk of FGM/C?

Young girls 0-15yrs and women. 3 million girls are at risk of FGM/C each year; #endcuttinggirls

15b. 200 million girls/women worldwide are living with the consequences of FGM/C;

World Health Organization  (2016) #endcuttinggirls

16a. Effect of FGM/C on the health of women and girls #endcuttinggirls

16b.FGM/C has serious implications for the sexual and reproductive health of girls and women.

Effects of FGM/C #endcuttinggirls

16c…depend on Type performed, Expertise of the practitioner, Hygiene conditions under which it is performed #endcuttinggirls

16d…amount of resistance general health condition of the girl/woman undergoing the procedure.

Complications may occur #endcuttinggirls all types of FGM/C, (but are most frequent with infibulation.) #endcuttinggirls


17aHealth risks of FGM/C:Long Term , Genital tissue damage , Vaginal discharge , #endcuttinggirls

17b…Vaginal itching , Menstrual problems Reproductive tract infections , Chronic genital infections , #endcuttinggirls

17c…Urinary tract infections , Painful urination , Keloids and Cyst #endcuttinggirls


18a.FGM/C and human rights : FGM violates a series of well-established human rights principles, norms and standards #endcuttinggirls

18b.Principles of equality and non-discrimination on the basis of sex #endcuttinggirls

18c.Right to life when the procedure results in death #endcuttinggirls

18d.Right to freedom from torture or cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment, #endcuttinggirls

18e.Rights of the child #endcuttinggirls

18f.Right to the highest attainable standard of health. #endcuttinggirls


19a.Why is FGM/C performed? History and cultural tradition of the community. #endcuttinggirls

19b.Rite of passage to adulthood  , Sense of ethnic and gender identity #endcuttinggirls

19c.Social acceptance , Safeguard virginity before marriage #endcuttinggirls

19d.Promote marriageability (i.e. increasing a girl’s chances of finding a husband) #endcuttinggirls

19e.Ensure fidelity after marriage , Prevent rape #endcuttinggirls

19f. Provide a source of income for circumcisers #endcuttinggirls

19g.Aesthetic reasons (cleanliness and beauty) , Religious requirement (although it is not mentioned in the Koran or Bible). #endcuttinggirls


20a.Global Efforts to end FGM/C: Milestones: 1997: WHO, UNICEF and UNFPA Joint Statement on FGM/C #endcuttinggirls

20b…described the implications of the practice for public health and human rights and declared support for its abandonment. #endcuttinggirls

20c.2003: Feb. 6, 2003, the First Lady of Nigeria, Mrs. Stella Obasanjo, made the official declaration on #endcuttinggirls

20d.“Zero Tolerance to FGM” in Africa at a conference organized by Inter-African #endcuttinggirls

20e…Committee on Traditional Practices (IAC) in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. #endcuttinggirls

20f.UN adopted the 6th of Feb. as the “International Day of Zero Tolerance to FGM/C #endcuttinggirls

20g. 2007: UNFPA/UNICEF Joint Programme on FGM/C Abandonment: Launched #endcuttinggirls

20h.2008: Joint Statement by 10 UN agencies “Eliminating FGM: an interagency statement UNAIDS, UNDP, UNECA, #endcuttinggirls


20j.2012: UN General Assembly Resolution A/RES/67/1462 “to support governments, communities, and girls #endcuttinggirls

20k…and women concerned towards the abandonment of FGM/C” #endcuttinggirls

20l. 2015: FGM/C elimination by 2030 is included in the Sustainable Development Goals under Goal 5 on Gender Equality: Target 5.3. #endcuttinggirls



21.Overview of FGM/C in Nigeria #endcuttinggirls


22.Demography & Key indicators  #endcuttinggirls





23.Demography & Key indicators #endcuttinggirls



24.Understanding the UNICEF/UNFPA Joint Programme Action – ACCELERATING CHANGE #endcuttinggirls














25.Existing plan to address FGM/C in Nigeria #endcuttinggirls

26.National Policy and Plan of Action For The Elimination of FGM In Nigeria (2013-2017) #endcuttinggirls

27.Goal: To eliminate the practice of FGM in Nigeria in order to improve the health and quality of life of girls and women. #endcuttinggirls

28.1.Objectives: To reduce the prevalence of female genital mutilation in Nigeria. #endcuttinggirls

28.2.To promote community behavioural change initiatives towards elimination of FGM in Nigeria. #endcuttinggirls

28.3To establish a legal framework for the elimination of FGM at National and State levels. #endcuttinggirls

28.4To strengthen system for research, monitoring and evaluation towards the elimination of FGM. #endcuttinggirls


  1. The Joint Programme supports 17 countries: Accelerating Change: Goal and Objective #endcuttinggirls


30a.Goal: to contribute to the overall goal as set by the Interagency Statement on Eliminating FGM/C #endcuttinggirls

30b… and reaffirmed by the 2012 United Nations General Assembly Resolution A/RES/67/1462  #endcuttinggirls

 30c. “to support governments, communities, and girls and women concerned towards the abandonment of FGM/C #endcuttinggirls


31a.Objective: To contribute to the acceleration of the total abandonment of FGM/C in the next generation #endcuttinggirls

31b. (i.e. next 20 years) in line with United Nations General Assembly Resolution A/RES/67/146 to #endcuttinggirls

 31c.“Intensify global efforts to eliminate female genital mutilations” #endcuttinggirls






32.FGM/C prevalence in the 6 States #endcuttinggirls

33.Mainstreaming and sustaining of FGM/C abandonment campaign into some existing relevant program is in line with

34…the global best practice, and even now more necessary considering the current economic situation in Nigeria. #endcuttinggirls
35.In view of this, the following four existing projects have of greater advantage in the recent time to achieve the set goal/objectives #endcuttinggirls


36.JUSTIFICATION FOR MAINSTREAMING : The current situation of FGM/C in Nigeria is alarming, challenging and #endcuttinggirls

37…demand urgent multifaceted approach at low cost implication. #endcuttinggirls
38.Considering the statistics below, and the availability of the readily available manpower under the NYSC scheme, #endcuttinggirls

39…the integration of the FGM/C abandonment campaign is a matter of Doctrine of Necessity, and it has been working effectively. #endcuttinggirls


40.Some of the existing National Program open for mainstreaming #endcuttinggirls


41.(1)The National RH & HIV/AIDS Prevention & Care Project through the NYSC Scheme #endcuttinggirls



42.The National RH-HIV/VAC-GBV Prevention & Care Project through the NYSC Scheme, has a global indelible #endcuttinggirls

43…trade mark as the best adolescent and young people-focused project on HIV intervention with visible positive impacts, #endcuttinggirls

44.. since 2002, when it began. Considering its global acceptance, so many other countries have #endcuttinggirls

45.commenced similar projects, after they came to learn from Nigeria. The impact of this project in Nigeria can as well viewed on CNN Archive. #endcuttinggirls

46.The project has three major components, among others; for the NYSC Orientation Camp community: #endcuttinggirls
47.And recently, the integration of the FGM/C has yielded a lot of results in some States , while other States are following #endcuttinggirls

48…the same steps f the integration. For instance, in Imo and Ebonyi in the South-East, #endcuttinggirls


49…the stakeholders are currently mapping out strategies for effective mainstreaming. #endcuttinggirls
49.(i)One- Day Orientation Seminar on RH-HIV&AIDS /FGM/C Prevention, Care and Support  #endcuttinggirls
50.(ii)6-Day Master Training for Volunteer Corps members – being trained as Peer Education Trainers on PETs /FCC&endVAC ambassadors #endcuttinggirls


  1. (iii)Monitoring , Evaluation and Reporting of the field activities of the PETs /FCC&endVAC ambassadors #endcuttinggirls


52a.PROCESS OF MAINSTREAMING : Key Stakeholders on the Project at the State level

State Coordinator #endcuttinggirls

53b.Project Schedule Officer, Project Team members , Head of CDS, Zonal Inspectors #endcuttinggirls


53c.Local Government Inspectors , CDS Supervisors , M&E Department  #endcuttinggirls

53d.By extension : NYSC Key Camp Officials  ( Changes during each camp) #endcuttinggirls



54a.Advocacy and Key Issues for mainstreaming purpose with the NYSC #endcuttinggirls


54b.Justification for integration of FGM/C abandonment campaign into the program. #endcuttinggirls


54c.Dialogue on creating Space for the FGM/C topics into the OT/MT Agenda for the purpose of integrating. #endcuttinggirls


54d. Involvement of the State NYSC Project Team in the discussion , after the acceptance of the Schedule Officer #endcuttinggirls


54e.Official notification of the State coordinator and other State NYSC Officials. #endcuttinggirls





55b.Information on Adolescent Reproductive Health (ARH) and FGM/C #endcuttinggirls


55c. Overview of Adolescent Reproductive Health and HIV&AIDS and FGM/C situation in Nigeria. #endcuttinggirls


55d.Basic facts about HIV/AIDS and FGM/C. #endcuttinggirls


55e. Role of Youth in HIV prevention and FGM/C abandonment campaign. #endcuttinggirls




56b.Adolescent Reproductive Health and HIV&AIDS and FGM/C Situation in Nigeria #endcuttinggirls


56c.FGM/C and HIV : the basic facts #endcuttinggirls


56d.FGM/C – An Anomaly : Gender Issues  #endcuttinggirls


56e. Social Norms and FGM/C #endcuttinggirls


56f. Roles of Volunteer FCC/end VAC ambassadors. #endcuttinggirls


56g.FGM/C – MER Modality and Processing #endcuttinggirls



















57.MIS form for Data collection. #endcuttinggirls





( Reduction of Harmful Traditional Practices)

59.FLHE Project has being an ongoing project, being implemented by the Federal and State Ministry of Education, #endcuttinggirls

60…for closed 2  decades nationwide. The project has been institutionalized into the School Curriculum from Primary to Secondary #endcuttinggirls



What is FLHE?

61a.FLHE is a planned process of education that fosters the acquisition of factual information, #endcuttinggirls

61b…formation of positive attitudes, beliefs and values as well as development of skills to #endcuttinggirls

61c…cope with the biological, psychological, socio-cultural and spiritual aspects of human living. #endcuttinggirls





62a. Advocacy and Key Issues for mainstreaming purpose with the Ministry of Education #endcuttinggirls



62b.Dialogue on justification for integration of FGM/C abandonment campaign into the program  with officials of MOE #endcuttinggirls


62c.Dialogue on strengthening the capacity of the teachers on FGM/C related topics in the FLHE curriculum #endcuttinggirls


62d. Involvement of Project Officer ( Desk Officer) at the Ministry of Education #endcuttinggirls


62e.Official notification of the Permanent Secretary/Commissioner at the State Ministry of Education. #endcuttinggirls


62f.Involvement of the  Private School Owners #endcuttinggirls


62.g Involvement of the School administrators ( Principals , Vice-Principals, Head Masters and others ) #endcuttinggirls


62h.Involvement of the School teachers , and students #endcuttinggirls





 Some of the directly related topics, among many in the curriculum:

Religion and National Values

(Social Studies)

                       Culture and social values

  • Meaning and characteristics of culture
  • Cultural norms and values
  • Harmful Traditional practices
  • Social and health Issues

                       Common social problems in Nigeria

(Home Economics)

(Family Living and Resource mobilisation)

  • Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs),
  • HIV&AIDS and Human Rights

(Family Needs, goals and standards)

  • Types of families, relationship among families, etc
  • Child development (stages, conditions, factors, etc)







  1. The Pupils, Students, the corps members are available in all the 774 LGAs in Nigeria, and the FGM/C abandonment campaign would definitely reach every part of the country through them.
  2. the set goal and objective would definitely be accelerated through effective mainstreaming process.
  3. All the existing gaps would be effectively addressed
  4. Larger hands would be on decks addressing the same issue without additional funding
  5. The Set indicators would be well measured with the use of the mainstreamed MIS forms
  6. The project would e sustained permanently, even after the FGM/C has been eradicated, in situation of any community relapsing to the practice, the NYSC, FLHE programs would still be there then to quickly address it.
  7. The Governments ( especially the Federal ) would appreciate the mainstreaming more, based on their National Response Plan, now using existing National Program, which has full support of the Governments at all levels.

Question and Answer Time from 6:00pm


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